Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bakbraken Acres Organic Farm
CSA Newsletter
May 20, 2012

CSA General Info
Congratulations!! You are a member of the first ever CSA in Colfax! As you all know spring is upon is and the weather is warming up beautifully. We have been busy in the fields prepping rows and planting, weeding, watering, and beginning to harvest. As we are now only a little over a month away from the delivery of your first CSA box, I thought it was high time to get in touch with y’all via an email list. We are delighted that the CSA is now full and the word is continually spreading. In order for us to hold your place a deposit of half the total payment is due the first of June. The remainder of the payment can be paid at the first CSA box pick-up on July 2nd at Café Luna. Payment can be dropped off at Café Luna.

Payment breakdown:
$210 deposit due by June 1st and remaining $210 due at first pick=up on July 2nd.

Farm News
Despite having to battle an early onslaught of cucumber beetles on the first squash plants, and a mystery pest who ate many of our seedlings, things are shaping up quite nicely out at Bakbraken Acres this season. Many thanks to Farmer John who has been spending many hours on the tractor, preparing the soil to grow lots of goodness all season long. And Mary, the master of irrigation and all things farm related! The onions are beginning to bulb out and we have more radishes than we know what to do with! We are still delivering bi-weekly harvests to the farm stand at Café Luna so don’t forget to stop in and get your fresh local veggies before the CSA starts.

We welcome any and all questions and look forward to feeding and getting to know you all throughout the season!
Many Thanks,

Erica Miller
(530) 401-3289

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