Thursday, June 7, 2012

june 7      The garden seemed to do well thru the rain storm. We will hold our breath a bit  on the onions and garlic till we get them all out of the ground. The moisture content you know.   Our first weeder  arrived on Wednesday. As it happens he turned out to be a two handed weeder. Thank you Jed for all your work. He had his hands full for the day with the hula hoe down to tying strings up for the beans to climb. He said he was making sure the quality control was there for the CSA. Jed and his wife Keri are part of the founding members of our CSA that Erica has been working so diligently with, on and off the farm. Things are really starting to take hold. Today we picked 10 pounds of squash. That may not seem like much but it is only june and that is just the beginning,especially after our long battle, still being fought with the 2 striped cucumber beetle.  All that said, life as a farmer is PICK!

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